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A new brand on the blog, meet Gugguu. A Finnish brand for children’s clothing focusing on usability, high quality, comfort and style. A comfortable looking unisex style with quirky little details. Gugguu also emphasises on simplicity and therefore you will find no pictures or prints on the clothes.The Gugguu collection is available for boys and girls aged 0-12 years old.


We interviewed the brains behind Gugguu, the sisters Anne & Miia. Thanks for taking the time!

How would you describe your brand?
Gugguu is a new Finnish producer of children’s clothing. The key words of our brand are usability, high quality, comfort and style, without forgetting childlikeness. Gugguu kids fashion combines simplicity, style, bravely fresh colors and small colorful details in its collection for 0-12 year old children.
What is the inspiration behind your SS14 collection?
Our own kids 🙂 For example they have watched some of my own clothes and ask, could you do that kind of clothes for me also. Or my daughter try some my own clothes and then I got some idea that which looks good and would be great for kids. Inpirations comes from everywhere, from the street, magazines, from pinterest, blogs, fashion shows. Everywhere. We will want to do clothes, what we couldn’t find in the market, clothes which are comfortable, quality, suitable, playful, stylish and also parents love that they see.
What is your favourite piece from the collection?
My favourite piece are the same as my 6yrs daughter; viscose onesuit and viscose pants. She loves to wear those.
Do you have children? How does that influence your work?
Yes we have, I have three kids (6, 4 and almost 2 years) and my sister also has 3 kids (8, 5 and 4 years). They inspire us. If we wouldn’t have kids, I think then Gugguu wouldn’t be born. We test all our new clothes in our kids. Then we can see, if the fabric have some kind of problems and we fix it before we produce any of them. Also we want that every garment are suitable. We can test many sizes in our own kids, because we have different size kids. They are also our models in our photoshoot. They love to be there:) The big thing is that we could be with our own kids even we are working. Thats one of the best thing!
I try to keep my kids as less as I can in the kindergarden. That’s why I’am more effective in my works:) I’am better organizer, thanks to my kids. It is also easy to forget works when kids are at home. Otherwise I will maybe working all the time.
What are the most rewarding and most challenging aspects of your job?
One of the most rewarding thing is that when we can see what we have done, for example photoshoots and when new collections have come from production. Also when we heard that people love our clothes and they are satisfied. Also when people notice some little details what we have made a lot of efforts. One of the most rewarding thing is that we can do exactly the kind of work what we love.
Most challenging is forecasting future, for example how much we are going to made each clothes. It is hard to know what is the best decision for many things, still we must made “the best decision” and trust that that decision is right one. Also this industry are new for us, so we must learn every day new things (thats also the best thing in this job:)).
How would you describe your own personal style?
My style is classic and simply:) I invest in timeless clothes and accessories and also buy some trend things from cheap stores.
Where can our readers buy your brand?
From our own webshop . And also from our retailers which you can find on the following link .



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