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Thanks to the kid who lives next door my little 3 year old Alexander now wants a skateboard. Well, let’s get him a T-shirt first and I spotted a great one last week in Frugi’s webshop.

Colourful prints, funny animals, you name it they’ve got it, and if you are the kind of parent that wants kids to be kids, Frugi is just the brand for you. The clothes are super soft, made from 100% chemical free ethically manufactured organic cotton. Did you know Frugi was originally designed to fit over babies’ cloth nappies and disposables alike?!

Every little detail is carefully considered to make sure they fit brilliantly and look absolutely gorgeous! Well, they sure did I great job if I look at Alexander wearing his skateboarding bear T-shirt. Loads of Frugi clothes are designed to give two fab looks, with reversible jumpers, trousers that roll up or zip off into shorts and so on. It all helps make sure that they last that little bit longer on growing children, and helps keep the washing pile down too!

In 2014 Frugi is going up to age 10 but for now they go from New Born Babies to Girls and Boys up to 8 years old. Check out Frugi’s website and let me know what you think of their clothes.

We love Frugi
Alexander in Frugi

Some shots of Frugi’s AW13 collection

Winter 2013

Organic Cotton

They have a great selection of tights as well.


Alexander is wearing a Frugi T-shirt, Reply jeans and Koel4kids shoes