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After spending eight amazing years in Paris, an amazing opportunity for our little family has come up and later this year we’ll be moving and not within France. No, in a few months we’ll pack up all our things and start a new adventure in Amman, Jordan!

In all honesty it was a decision that was easy to make. Yeah, it’s a big change but we honestly can’t wait. Looking into things like schools for Alexander got me thinking about how he is taking it all in, how he will deal with saying goodbyes to his friends and how he will deal with the fact that he is leaving the country where he was born.  So far so good, and yes, I hear you thinking, “The Middle East”. But while Jordan may share a border with both Syria and Iraq, it is actually one of the most liberal and modern countries in the region. 

So it’s been a combination of stress and excitement around here, so much to do before we leave but the anticipation makes the days feel like they are passing by faster and somehow slower at the same time.

So many things on my mind, for example dying to know where we’ll end up living, and what our lives will look like once we moved. I have a love/hate relationship with surprises. It’s fun and all to find things out last minute, but I’m the kind of person who would much rather be “in” on the surprise. I need a little mental preparation. So that part stresses me out. (As easy going as I am, which really, I am.)

Moving to new places is daunting, but also it makes life feel so, well, vibrant.

There’s something just exhilarating about packing up and flying to a place we’ve never been before and starting a new. Not knowing anyone or anything(which isn’t entirely true), but it’s the feeling of having a home, but not really having a home. It might be weird, but I like saying goodbye (to places not people), and starting over and when everything feels brand new and unknown. For lack of a better word, it’s just fun and I’m dying for that feeling again. (Although I will most definitely get super stressed about it too, but I like to think the excitement outweighs the stress part.)

In the meantime I’m just trying to chill out and soak up all of Paris that I can, because I’ll really miss it more than any other place before. It’s not an understatement to say we really love it here, something about this city has really found a spot in our hearts and I don’t think it will ever leave us.

Anyways though, it feels good to get this off my chest finally. For now, I’ll be in my apartment stress eating white pain au chocolats, my newest addiction, and throwing everything away before the packers come.

Once the movers come in June, I will most likely be blogging cross legged on the floor with Alexander running circles around me, but hey we shall see. This is after all still a couple of months away and lots can happen.

The blog was always about international children, and brands and Les Enfants a Paris will continue no matter where we are in the world and without any major changes. As you may know, Jordan is home to some of the most exciting and beautiful sites in the world from Petra to the deserts of Wadi Rum and even the warm waters of the Red Sea. There’s a lot to see and do here, and even though we are planning on still doing our shoots in Paris, I’m sure we will occasionally shoot in Jordan as well.

Stay tuned. x

Play dates news

Location spotting for play dates in Amman… Hopefully Emily Kornya will visit at some point!


The dead sea is about a 20 min drive from our new home.




Camel riding

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