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Those lazy days of summer are over and most children went back  into the classroom last Tuesday. For the children, returning to school is about seeing friends again, picking the right outfit, and preparing for new teachers.

No matter what issue is top of mind, there’s one constant across the spectrum – the start of the school year brings a change of pace.

As school buses take to the road, commuters need to remember to adjust their schedule, young children need to get back to a set bedtime and teachers have to prepare their daily class schedule.

Gone are the lazy days of summer.

It’s back to routine for everyone.

And hopefully, it’ll be a year of academic and personal success for our youth.

Did your children survive their first week back at school?

End of summer

Holly at a great first week at preschool! And looked so cute!

Babidetta shoes

Iglo & indi

Holly’s shoes are from the Spanish brand Babidetta. Launched in 2013,  Babidetta is born from the passion of a mother of three children and the time spent looking for good quality shoes that are comfortable, classic, and elegant at a reasonable price.

The collection of Babidetta shoes is manufactured in Spain. Where else would you find beautiful classic shoes for your children? The materials, the structure and the soles of the shoes have been chosen to ensure good ergonomics and perspiration of the feet, with particular attention to the collection “first steps” supervised by Babidetta’s pediatrician.

Many different styles are available, ankle boots, sandals, laced shoes, moccasins… We have selected our favourite models for you. 

Click here to go to their website to check out the rest of their collection.

Holly’s dress is brand the Icelandic brand Iglo and Indi.


Love this look as well! Cool kid!