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Pamela Gutiérrez Dosal, the founder and designer of En Las Nubes, has created a line of children’s clothing focusing on clean and timeless designs in the colours black, grey and white. Most of the clothes are unisex and easily combinable (newborn -10 years old).

Pamela also offers interior design for the youngest and stationary goods. In her e-shop, you will find other brands as well like PaQhuis, Diapers & Milk, Le Petit Biscuit and The Birds and the Bees..

Time for an interview with Pamela!


Pamela and her son

Can you tell us a little bit more about En Las Nubes?

As well as my love of interiors, styling, photography and stationery, since July 2013 I’ve a new great love: my son Senna Quinten. This is me, Pamela, a Spaniard, most of the time with my head “in the clouds” (hence the name: En las Nubes).  The search for beautiful clothes for this little man was not always easy. I have a clear preference for basic colours and simple, bold, stylish prints. And this combination isn’t always easy to find, so I had the idea of designing shirts myself. As well as my clothing line, I’m always on the look out for unique and bold things for the nursery and unique stationery. All the basic colours: black, white, and/or grey with an occasional touch of colour, an accent or a strong “look”.  You can find [stoere] interior items, such as posters, cards, wall stickers (own label), streamer and balloons on my website

What inspired SS14?

I am really fascinated by simple prints, like spots, triangles, clouds and raindrops. I think they’re stylish, powerful, yet timeless. And that’s what I love. That’s what I wanted for my son and this is what appeals to a lot of stylish Mums. I also wanted to bring these simple prints into the nursery, so I designed wall stickers in different shapes and I buy posters, cards, streamers and other stationery items that fit well with the theme. At you can choose timeless, hard-wearing and basic clothing and items for your home. As a maternity gift or for your own kids, you’re sure to find something you like!

What is your favorite piece from the collection?

The clouds shirt!  It’s cute, sweet and hard wearing as well!

Do you have children? How does that influence your work?

I’ve got a son of almost 11 months, Senna Quinten. Since I became a mother, I have a passion for my son to wear clothes that are hip, trendy and hard wearing, but at a good price. Children’s clothes are quite expensive, particularly when you consider how quickly they grow. That’s why I wanted to do this: timeless shirts at a good price.

What are the most rewarding and most challenging aspects of your job?

I like to listen to customers and to follow trends in children’s clothing and interiors. These two concerns mean that I am always on the look out for fun and affordable things for my shop. That’s my focus, and to keep my webshop “surprising”. And I often receive positive feedback from my customers. That’s very rewarding and gives me even more energy to put into En las Nubas and to make it bigger. The most challenging is combining my hobby and my part time job. I work three days a week as communications officer for Volkswagen and run En las Nubas as well. That makes for a lot of hours working in the evening, and sometimes into the night as well. I try to make sure that my family doesn’t suffer for it!  My son and hubby also need to have my full attention. It’s sometimes difficult to juggle, but my hubby supports my choices and is proud of what I am doing. That can only be a good thing.

How would you describe your own personal style?

When I look at my style, I’d say it is simple, basic, natural, unique, contemporary, and with a lot of black, white and shades of grey. That goes for clothes as well as interior design!

Where can our readers buy your brand?

At the moment, only on, but very soon my own label shirts and wall stickers will be for sale via other webshops.


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