Kids Fashion


A permanent collection of clothes designed by Laura Moustacakis which are simple, beautiful and easy to wear.

Colchik are clothes that create bonds, like a common thread woven between each of us and our loved ones, each of us and the places where we live. Thus at colchik you can find styles for everyone – men, women, children and the home – styles which interact and complement each other, styles you enjoy wearing together.

The colchik style is both simple and original, the line is often inspired by old-time work clothes or traditional costumes, then reworked and refined to give a more modern feel. Colchik’s simplicity is the result of a long evolution, which explains why their clothes can be worn as easily for every day as for special occasions.

A small, people-friendly company with a love for fine workmanship. 



Autumn 2014


For the home