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Chics Momes make cute bowties for boys and girls. Geraldine from Chics Momes created them due to what she felt was a lack of interesting boys clothes. “There’s always so much to find for girls. Dresses, skirts, ties, hairclips, earrings…the list goes on. But for boys?!”  says Gerladine, “and that’s why I started creating bow ties.”

But are bow ties really only for boys? Clearly we don’t think so!

It’s often been said the classiest and most versatile of fashion accessories is the bow tie.

You can pretty much rock a bow tie any day of the week. Whether dressed up to the nines … or dressed down with denim. No matter the print you choose … or the style you wear. You will look good in the bow ties of Chics Momes.

We recieved two of these lovely bowties, for review and we were all amazed by the quality of them. Really good fabric and a really high quality make these bow ties worth every penny.


First time modelling. Her mummy is so proud! No wonder! Isnt’t Heloise a cutie?!

Heloise in Chics Momes

Heloise wearing Le Geek

The cutie Pie Heloise

And my own little cutie pie in a bow tie as well together with his little friend Heloise.

chics momes

Many different styles to choose from. Click here to go to the website. And stay tuned if you want to win one…

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