Kids Fashion


Today we feature a new label from Holland – Broer en Zus (Brother and Sister).

Roos Vos, the founder and designer of Broer & Zus has delivered a collection that is soft, comfortable and timeless and with lots of jersey and sweats. She has taken great care about finding the right fit and makes sure all products are made to the highest standard.

For babies you’ll find basic clothing with simple striped patters or just plain soft colours. Personally, we love this style for babies. Good to know is that the knitted products are made in Peru in a small factory where they use the soft alpaca wool.

For the slightly older children Roos has designed some very appealing prints. For example, a large owl and funny looking monsters.

 Check out the collection here

Broer & Zus

Little Heloise is wearing a blue / white striped Broer & Zus dress

broer and zus

Made of a lovely jersey.

Broer & Zus

 Our favourites for the slightly older children…Broer en Zus

broer en zus