Kids Fashion


The fabulous BOBO CHOSES SS17 A LEGEND collection introduces you to the legends of sport who all shine in their own special way – high-jumping champion Dick Fosbury who won his own way, tennis player John McEnroe, track and field champion Moses Tanui, Italian cyclist Gino Bartuli, fast swimmer Johnny Weissmuller, Olympic hero Eric Moussambani and the legendary Jamaican bobsleigh team of 1988.

This season the range includes relaxed sportswear inspired pieces including vest tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, midi length skirts and running shorts.

Always unique, Bobo has dedicated their latest collection, “to all those caring, brave, frightened and tenacious kids that shine with special light of their own”.

Bobo Choses was born in 2008 with the idea of creating a clothing brand that could capture the magical, passionate look and language of children. Shop the Bobo Choses SS17 over at Broer & Zus, Orange Mayonnaise or Springstof.

Bobo Choses SS17