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Yesterday we celebrated Alexander’s third birthday! No matter what age, you want to look great at your own party, so I am happy I stumbled onto these tees by Bob and Blossom last month at Playtime Paris! They’re fun and fresh in cool colour combinations.

Based in Brighton, England, Bob and Blossom’s Kirsten Harris designs a fantastic range of T-shirts, trousers, tutus, dresses, hats and sleepsuits for babies, toddlers and children up to around six years old.

Alexander is wearing their breton striped blue & white cotton long sleeve T-shirt, featuring a red number 3 screenprinted across the front. He was walking around like a prince, showing everyone that he is now a big boy.

Besides the striped and numbered T-shirts, they also have other printed T-shirts for boys and girls. And if you have a girl, make sure you have a look at Bob and Blossom’s tutus… They are AMAZING!

Bob and Blossom

happy birthday Alexander

More cards

Playing outside before the party starts

 T-shirt: Bob and Blossom

Pants: Bobo Choses from Orange Mayonnaise

Shoes: Koel4kids