Kids Fashion


In a ‘tropical’ or ‘sunbathing’ mood? It’s time for something light and refreshing. This season, Blune offers a gourmet collection of clothing, spiced up with a pinch of retro.

Blune’s summer wardrobe revisited acid-pop style with bold and vibrant patterns including the must-have striped top. Pink flamingos and parrots meet on summer knitwear, linens, denim  or soft padding, embellished with a sun kiss here and there. Ideal for savouring a strawberry-vanilla milkshake in Miami… or for dancing at a French ball on July 14th.

Blune and Blune Kids provides fashion for both big and small from size 0 women and up to age 8 for boys and girls.

A sorbet-flavoured ‘Beautiful Escape’ which explodes like a sweet rose bubble gum, in a retreat which is as poetic as it is graphic. Sounds Yummy!

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