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Bangbang Copenhagen - Batman Fans

Batman fans will go nuts for this and so does Humblea!

A cool bat inspired hoodie in black from Danish label Bangbang Copenhagen. Super fun design with small ears on the top of the head and fabric between arms and body which gives this sweatshirt real wings!

Bangbang Copenhagen


bangbang copenhagen

Some grown-ups have forgotten how it is to be a kid. Well BANGBANG Copenhagen hasn’t! Playing is serious business!

The entire world is a circus, at least according to BANGBANG Copenhagen. The Danish designers Louise Lundholm & Mia Risager founded their brand in 2008 which merged their roots in contemporary design with a love of the playful spirit of children.

Their world fuses a high-fashion, conceptual outlook with origami folding technique and urban comfortable streetwear, with silhouettes perfectly tailored for children’s body shape and movement.

Beyond the quirky little details, this are comfortable clothes that would be suitable for everyday play as well as parties. Have a look at the AW14 collection of BANGBANG Copenhagen at Springstof, one of our favourite webshops.

[Photo’s of Humblea taken by Wesley Marlissa]