Kids Fashion


Since the beginning, BARN OF MONKEYS has been driven by the chance to transform the fashion world. What makes the brand so unique is its urge to make a statement and provide exclusive apparels with a meaning. With their SS19 collection called “Recreation”, Barn of Monkeys invites children to keep their innocence and play endlessly.

“Do you remember the feel of the skipping rope on your hands? What about the sound of marbles clanking together? Hypnotized by their colors, we open our eyes to the elements of recreation. Cat’s cradle’s tricky patterns and the exciting hopscotch bouncing up and down move our playground under the clouds.”

The brand uses organic textiles that come to life in loose architectural designs in such fun ways! The dazzling colours of the SS19 collection exclusive prints invite all the boys and all the girls to play together. Plus, the collection is certified with GOTS, which makes it even more interesting.

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