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This fall molo will take you on a journey through a series of styles that are more lightweight than before with design stories going from one extreme to another. From the heart of the wild, urban jungle with roaring lions, striped prey-seeking tigers and singing hummingbirds through the world of hip-hop, gold chains and YOLO-yelling, to a world where all cats are pink-coloured and made of porcelain, where dogs are wearing baseball caps and where spiders are bigger than space rockets. In short: a world where anything is possible. 

And with the summer break almost behind us and the new school year just weeks away, it’s time to start consider your children’s ‘Back to School’ outfit!? Of course we want to get you back on track with a rolling start, so we would like to inform you that molo has organised a cool competition, where you can win your favourite molo look worth EUR 120.

How to participate:

Create a board on Pinterest and name it ‘Back to School with molo’.

Invite molo with the email as a collaborator to your board, so they have the chance to find and follow your collage.

Go to and pin your favorite styles and looks to your board to create your own personal ‘Back to School’ outfit. You can create all the boards you want.

The competition runs throughout August and molo will name 3 lucky winners September 1st 2015.

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And hey, would it not be fun to let your friends see what you have picked out? Share your personal collages with your friends on Facebook and invite them to make their own too!

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