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The Animals Observatory, an innovative brand whose aim is to research and develop creativity in fashion, clothes, accessories and other products from the world of children, under the creative direction of Laia Aguilar. The Animals Observatory is located in Europe, but the brand has been founded with a global outlook. The key value of The Animals Observatory is to think about the child, not as someone’s son or daughter, but as an individual.

Having become increasingly interested in art in its broadest senses, Laia Aguilar has combined the functionality of comfortable, attractive clothes with a history with motifs and inspirations that she gets from many varied sources: from the graphic world of the 1970s to the sculptures of Henry Moore; from the photographs of Elaine Constantine to the architecture of Barragán, from the drawings of Le Corbusier to the furniture of Charlotte Perriand.

But the most important or central influence on her new brand is perhaps the animal world seen through the eyes of a child, with curiosity, empathy and excitement.

All of these elements combine and give life to The Animals Observatory, which aims to be the clothes brand of our children’s children, in a timeless trend that has nothing to do with fashion that is close to little family stories.

The Animals Observatory AW16 collection is available at Broer & ZusOrange Mayonnaise and Springstof.

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The Animals Observatory AW16 Collection.