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I like to think I’m a bit of a specialist when it comes to children’s sleepwear… I’ve learned that if you want your child to sleep blissfully all through the night, don’t put them in scratchy, stiff pyjamas. A tag that itches, a waistband too tight or funny stiff fabric – there’s no denying the importance of comfortable pyjamas to get a good night’s rest.

The Estonian brand Amiki, founded in 2013 by Katja Annus, produces some of the most beautiful sleepwear for boys and girls your likely to see anywhere.

Amiki prides itself in producing pyjamas which are manufactured entirely out of 100%  pure cotton, cotton jersey and silk. This means that children can keep warm without overheating, guaranteeing a good night’s sleep.

Most of the nightwear comes in such light relaxing colours with no busy patterns or eye-catching designs, making the items more than fit for purpose, being snug whilst relaxing the mind and body when it’s time to rest.

Shop the Amiki SS16 collection here


Made of natural cotton-linen fabric, it will maintain coolness at hot summer nights.

amiki gloria

This nightdress will be a hit with every little girl who ever dreamt of being a fairy princess.

amiki ss16

The outfit your budding little film star will want to wear on hot summer days around the house or at those perfect summer picnics on the beach. .


Perfect for summer nights.


Let him hop into bed in style with this classic gingham printed pyjamas.


Lace trims and classic Victorian over the knee bloomers are the order of the day with these discreet and modest matching top and shorts.


Delicate skin needs to be protected and these pyjama’s are made of 100% Bamboo.