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Melissa Wang, the founder / designer of Eden & Zoe, and her family recently moved to a new home with a wonderful backyard. Her children, Eden and Zoe, love playing in it and can happily spend hours exploring the plants, insects and small animals that live in their garden. No wonder Nature is the inspiration for the Eden and Zoe SS15 collection.

Eden & Zoe’s SS15 collection brings back their beautiful knit patterns along with some new florals and geometric prints. Quality and comfort is always of utmost importance to them so this season other than their beautiful cashmere items, they also have 100% cotton ones.

Speaking about the geometric prints… Don’t you think geometric prints are interesting ? All sorts of shapes in a variety of sizes, bright colours, both aspects just add such an exciting punch of life to an outfit.

Alexander is wearing Eden & Zoe’s Aster hoodie, a new design this season for both boys and girls. Make sure you check out the hoods! We like! It’s a much loved staple in every wardrobe. This hoodie is super comfortable as well as stylish. The hood is lined with a striking geometric print and the zipper runs to the top of the hood for an extra bit of fun. Available in different colours and they even have a hoodie with short sleeves in their collection.

What are your thoughts? Are you digging the geometric prints?

Eden & Zoe SS15 Aster Hoodie

Watching his friend play football!

Close up

Concentrating on the game!

Hanging out at the football club

Spending Wednesday afternoon at the football club watching his friends play! Go Roan!

Eden & Zoe meets Scotch Shrunk


Scotch Shrunk shorts via the webshop I dream Elephants

10is shoes via the webshop Les Casse Pieds