Kids Fashion


It seems like the average Parisian is born with a great sense of style. Parisian “haute couture,” or high fashion, is renowned for its craftsmanship and quality. Visitors to France may note that even the children are remarkably well dressed.

Part of that is to do with the fact the French, whether it is for themselves or for their children, tend to be a lot more traditional in their dress sense. Bright pinks, apple green and orange, mixing stripes, flowers and tartan, jeans with holes or brightly coloured shoes is not for them.

They want their little girls to look like little girls and their 
little boys to look like little boys. They wear coordinated clothes, and most importantly proper shoes.

It’s a style that I love, and one that I often adopt for Alexander and today he is dressed in one of my favourite French brands, Bbk (Born to be Kitch). Even his beautiful shoes are by Bbk!

The designer of Bbk, Catherine Seixo, a lover of the 30s and the Art Deco movement, offers stylish and quality clothing whose timeless shapes and cuts take us back to that  time –  a wonderful world full of poetry , tenderness and mischief .

Yes the Parisians have a certain sense of style, and I gave up a long time ago trying to keep up with it, but that doesn’t mean my little boy has to.

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Alexander in BBK


Bbk by Emily Kornya

Socks by the French brand Collegien.

All photographs by Emily Kornya