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My parents used to live in Vienna, very near the Schönbrunn Palace, and being a fan of the Sissi story, I just had to take Alexander there.

Schonbrunn is a must for families with youngsters and has a great Children’s Museum on the ground floor. Artifacts include toys, fans, and clothing so kids can dress up as a prince or princess and there are interactive displays detailing the everyday lives of the imperial family and their children and demonstrating the contrast in living conditions between the royal family and the everyday citizens.

It was after Alexander’s last visit to the Schönbrunn Palace that we asked him if he wanted a new dress up costume so I was pleased when he wanted a Franz Joseph costume (mainly because his favourite colours are red and blue but still).

After doing some research I found one by the wonderful costume designer Elisabeth Poype and her Ivoy Paris.

Elisabeth fell in love with fabrics and colours at an early age she collected odd and ends of fabrics and was taught to sew by her mother. Elisabeth decided to go and study business and couture in Paris and New York. In 2006, she turned her passion into her profession and founded Ivoy Paris.

Feel free to visit the Ivoy Paris website to check out the rest of their costumes for boys and girls.

Hapyy Alexander

Fraz Joseph

Ivoy Paris

Franz Joseph

Prince Alexander


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