Kids Shoes


While the end of the holidays means more time for mummy, the truth is you know what’s coming, the worst cold the family has seen in months.

Children going back to school always means within a couple weeks the whole family has had some kind of sickness, and even when everyone in the house seems like they’re on the mend, another bug hits the household knocking everyone off their feet again.

So it is in the Les Enfants a Paris household at the moment. Yes, we are in London at the moment and it’s hubby this time who is not well (thought to be fair we’ve all had the cold).

It doesn’t matter if you practice frequent hand washing, cook super healthy meals (most of the time) or even start supplementing the whole family with vitamins etc… the truth is children’s immune system having not been used to being around that many germ-carrying children at once gets hit, so I guess no vitamin is going to save the day.

So anyway, we decided to run away from all the germs in the half term and spend a few days with our family in London resting up, but now that Alexander and I are feeling better we decided to leave Papa at home and go shopping.

Have a lovely afternoon all.

Alexander for Les enfants a Paris

Alexander is ready to go into London with me wearing his new coat by Boboli, unisex corduroy trousers by Tootsa MacGinty and his shoes are by the brand Luca via Les Casse Pieds.


Patiently waiting for the bus to take us into town.


Including some silly faces… Typically Alexander.


Wearing a cool T-shirt by the French brand Tape a l’oeil underneath his Boboli coat.




Luka Shoes

A sporty high-top silhouette has been given a smart twist in smooth brown leather by the brand Luca. And the inside zip is just perfect for easy on/off since Alexander can’t tie his shoes yet. The shoes are available at the shoe webshop Les Casse Pieds.




No longer be bored by cords! Boys and girls of all ages will love the Tootsa fox peeking out from the back pocket of these exquisitely made unisex corduroy trousers. The hard-wearing Mustard coloured cotton pant is lined with soft, Heather Grey jersey, making them extra warm and soft, suitable for even the chilliest of days and the most sensitive skin.

This style is also available in Slate or Bronze.


There we go!