Kids Fashion


Some people collect stamps, others collect perfume bottles. I collect Breton tops, or I might as well given the sheer volume I own. Seriously, I’ve stopped counting.

I’ve got classic navy and white long sleeved tops (like the original sailor ones, if you know your Breton history), colourful slogan ones, short-sleeved versions for the summer, and even men’s styles, because why not? You name it, I’ve got it.

Why the obsession? Well, we’d probably have to go back in time a bit. Much like Proust’s madeleines, there’s something about putting on a striped top that is so intrinsically linked to my childhood.

Growing up in France, I was wearing stripes before I even knew what stripes were. There are pictures of me as a baby in that classic striped bodysuit by Petit Bateau, as a toddler blowing out birthday candles at my grandparent’s country house, wearing a yellow striped sundress, and so on.

My children wear stripes as well.

If anybody says your children wear too many stripes, get rid of them.  You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

1. Stripes are designed to be unisex, making them a perfect gift for a gender-surprise baby, or for your own littles to be shared with future siblings.

2. They are easy to mix and match, so you can get lots of wear out of them.

3. They will never go out of style, so your children will be proud when they grow up and look back on their childhood photos.

Shop some lovely stripes for your children here.