Kids Fashion


Raising children doesn’t have to stand in the way of dressing great — but it certainly makes it harder.

We have found a way to balance looking good with parenthood, crafting stunning yet practical ensembles.

From the origin in the 80s, Humanoid has always chosen their own course. True to the new wave and punk era in which they started. It has made HUMANOID what it is today: independent, strong and unspoken-present. Uninfluenced by hype or temporary trend. “HUMANOID just happened“, is the phrase they use to describe their mentality, but there is a solid conviction at the base. The conviction that only the best natural materials and elaborate attention to detail create the finest collections. Flowing into one another from season to season. Quirky, natural fabrics make the clothes come alive.

At ATELIERS HUMANOID designers truly work together. They build on each other’s expertise, focus and inspiration. Each piece is initially handmade by their designers. They wear and wash it, toss it in a corner and customize it. Just to see how their clothing fits life. They always find a reason to add a detail or to leave something out. Consciously or intuitively. They create their collections with passion. There is just no other way.

The Humanoid AW16 collection is available online at Broer & Zus and in their shop on the ‘van Woustraat 42’ in Amsterdam.








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