More and more of us are now taking to the internet and doing our Christmas shopping from the comfort of our desks or sofas, although as the big day gets closer the high street will still be getting busy as shoppers scour the stores for that perfect present.

If you are thinking of heading out to find that perfect present, why not stop at Un Jour Je Serai ‘s ‘Vente Privee’ event?!

For many years Julia Menache, formerly Belgian copywriter in advertising, has a passion for vintage items. Celluloid rattles, radio singing of Billie Holiday … Her passion for writing, fashion and objects from the past lead her to imagine a new concept of authentic and poetic: Un jour je serai …

Un Jour je serai … Someday I’ll be …  Julia’s collection is focused on timeless designs such as sleepwear, bodysuits, baby pajamas, underwear for girls, boxer briefs for boys, and many more accessories and decorative items for the home.

The clothing is presented in a pouch and the story is written on the back in both French and in English. It creates another special moment with a child to tell him a story but also a playful way of teaching him a new language.

“Vente privée “Un Jour je serai …” pour préparer vos cadeaux de Noël !
La vente aura lieu au 11 rue Ponceau dans le 2ème à Paris du 24 novembre au 6 décembre de 11h à 20h”

11, rue du Ponceau

75002 Paris