My little square

Now available at my little square in Paris. I do like bright colors and funky designs, but when it comes to shoes I’m a bit ‘old fashioned’. I do like classical, old style shoes that you can match with every outfit and that are comfortable. With a collection of 10 classic shoe styles, each stamped with their own number, DE VRIES takes children seriously. No-nonsense shoes, meaning no glitters and sparkles nor eye-popping colors. The designs and colors adapt to the character of the person wearing them, instead of the other way around!

DE VRIES is a Dutch brand which started out two years ago. They design high quality leather shoes for normal and affordable prices. They are growing fast and as of now you can buy there shoes in Paris as well.

All DE VRIES shoes are manufactured in Portugal, a county that is known worldwide for high quality shoe production. Their shoes last long: both in style as in quality.